Welcome to Three For Truth

Thank you for your help in testing and providing feedback on our brand-new hidden object game as it is first released to the world. The game you are about to play is still in development. It is taking shape nicely, but we are not finished yet. We need your honest feedback (and a peek at your gameplay data) to hone the experience.

You should expect… FUN!!! Playing Three For Truth should be fun. Is it? Tell us! The game will only be a success if we receive your feedback in our Forum or Customer Service emails. Hearing your suggestions and learning what is frustrating to you will help us to improve the game. And what you love! We like that kind of feedback too :)

Various issues may arise during gameplay. We want to hear about any glitch. Please bear with us while we improve the gameplay experience and our player support tools.

Later, we will send you a quick survey by email. Please fill it out thoughtfully. Everyone who provides honest, helpful feedback will get a small reward in the game. A few people who submit the most valuable feedback will be selected to receive a bigger in-game reward.

Thanks again!!
TFT Team